Friday, May 16, 2008

IndiePix Bolerium and Reposting

Here is a repost that I received via email and via my Shooting People Daily Email Bulletin.

Indiepix has just announced a great promotional deal - they are giving out free downloads of our documentary "Bolerium" for the next week!

Here's the link:

By taking a couple minutes to download the movie, you not only get a free copy of our award-winning documentary, you also help out some independent New York filmmakers.... because our distributor - Indiepix - reimburses us the full price for every download, even though its totally free to you.

Heres a little more about the film:

Bolerium - 23 minutes/2006/color
Directed by Keary Kensinger
Produced by Nathan Kensinger

"Bolerium" is a short documentary about one of
America's most important independent bookstores.
Hidden away in San Francisco's Mission District,
Bolerium Books is run by two "standup comedians and
walking encyclopedias of The Left." They house the
largest collections of Gay & Lesbian, Chicano and
Spanish Civil War materials in the United States....
and they would prefer that the general public doesn't
know about them!

Please download a copy today!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Pixel Cameras and The WebshowBandwagon

"Film will only become art when the materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper" -Jean Cocteau

I read this quote most recently on a page about Fisher Price Pixel cameras. You can find it by googling Pixel Vision.

Well, Film materials are not as cheap as the good old fashioned paper pen combo but I will say that they are getting less and less expensive. So much that it might be time for me to make something of my own. (GASP)
After much thought and investigation I decided I too want to jump on the webolution craze and make my own web show! Evidently I am not the only one, many many many many many many.... and I mean MANY other people are doing this. I suppose I am just not that original, AGAIN. (sigh). AH but wait,I don't care! What I mean is... fortunately, I can admit there is a certain point where we are all so plugged into information at ALL times you learn to function on another level of originality, a level where everything is so layered and so complicated that your only choice is to acknowledge this mutliplex of complexities, take a step back, and simplify.

In my efforts to simplify in my life I am attempting to jump on the webshow bandwagon. Pretty crazy idea, but so is wanting to make movies, tv shows, shorts etc! Its an industry that is built around the dollar sign and will I survive, succeed, and prevail?