Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dreaming on the Edge of a Vertical Garden with a flower in my Pocket (gazing at my window farm)

The experiment: Write in Blog as much as possible. This being defined as almost everyday, every other day, or at least once a week. Also to just write it as quickly as possible, and move on. Writing commences...NOW...go....

Today is one of the first days, and I am already off to a good start. Rather than posting interesting things I intake in life on the internet or in real life outside of these strange contraptions of information (computers) on Facebook, I decided some people I know don't belong to facebook (my brother!) and never will, so here I am, back at my blog.

My new* apartment has no garden, but it does have two fire escapes and great light, and roof access. I have decided since I can't bring the backyard to me, I should bring me to the backyard, or rather the backyard to my apartment, oh now I am all confused. Let's start this sentence over, I don't have a backyard, BUT I can bring the backyard to me! There we go (bells and whistles go off) that is what I meant to say.

I have found a few things in my research for a garden, and I stumbled upon this today when I was doing research for a documentary (not my own), Window Farms, ( ) and on their website they list this as their goal:
"to start a Windowfarming craze in New York City and other dense urban areas, helping people grow some of their food year-round in their apartment windows."
Really? Perfect! That is what I want. So my adventure has begun. Even better they are located in Brooklyn.

Previously, I have been daydreaming about WOOLLY POCKETS, ever since I saw an add in Dwell Magazine (Below is from ):
What is a Woolly Pocket?
Woolly Pockets are flexible, breathable, and modular gardening containers. They`come in two styles: those designed to be placed on horizontal surfaces, and those designed to be hung on walls for vertical gardening. You can use Woolly Pockets both indoors and out; they have built-in moisture barriers to help protect furniture, and they're equally at home outside in the elements. They're perfect for creating urban gardens where you have space to garden but no land to garden in. Woolly Pockets are lightweight and can be folded flat, which makes them very easy to use, move, and store just about anywhere.

What is a vertical garden?
A vertical garden, sometimes called a living wall, is an organized system of plants that grow vertically up a wall, fence, or other vertical surface. Vertical gardens are a beautiful way to show off plants, cover an unsightly wall, or create privacy in a courtyard. Because they are hung vertically, vertical gardens hardly take up any space. The Woolly Pocket Vertical Gardening System is unique because it's easy to install, completely modular, and very easy to maintain. We invented our vertical system because there was no other solution on the market that suited our needs.
So, of course I want those now too.

It looks like Tacoma's Goodwill is
also partaking in the vertical garden.
Photo from
Cliff Despeaux
of the Seattle Times,

And Marianne Green from the Home and Garden section of the Seattle Times, says this (as if directly to your truly):

"If you are one of those people who desires to be on the cutting edge, you'll need to identify where you're going to install your wall garden in the next few months. It can be indoors or outside. It can be tiny succulents or feathery ferns and flamboyant bromeliads or vining tomatoes and pole beans. But the botanical specimens need to be vertical for your installation to qualify as avant-garde."
Marianne, you are so right! I do want to be on the cutting edge. But it all started because I wanted a backyard, and I live in Brooklyn on the 3rd floor. So vertical garden, woolly pocket garden or window farm! Here I come.

*Still in first 3 months so still new!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Think I finally figured out a focus for my blog, but maybe not really...

So I keep thinking I need more of a focus for my blog, so this is what I came up with on my walk this morning.

...curiosities, changes, and coffee.

Alliteration never hurt anyone!

Curiosities: Things that I am curious about. That's a pretty big category.

Change: Always a good theme, the world is always changing.

And Coffee: I admit it, I like to check out coffee shops and see what they are all about. Why not write some reviews in here?

Essentially, I suppose I can pick any theme, if I don't post anything it doesn't really matter.