Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sex in the 1700's sucked

I am lucky to have a boyfriend who has cable. When I head over to his and his roommate's boy bachelor pad complete with dirty dishes, unswept floor, leftover food delivery napkins littered about, and a set of turntables, I can always be content that I will have access to the menagerie of channels on their bigger-than-mine TV. I was raised with access to pay channels, Showtime and HBO, and it is something I was once used to. Unfortunately, so far in my stint of New York living, cable* gets vetoed from my budget.

So it's the Food Network for my boyfriend when he comes over, and HBO for me!

The other day we decided to watch John Adams the Original HBO series starring Paul Giamattie and Laura Linney. I must admit I have a bit of a history soft spot** and look forward to watching the completion of the "Epic 7 Part Mini-Series Event" based on the Pulitzer Prize Winning Book by David Mccullough.

As I get older the lessons of the earlier years of school begin to fade, an occasional re-cap is necessary to keep some of the knowledge in the ole noggin up to speed. I have yet to watch the conclusion but I am on the edge of my seat to see the tales of our second President.

*Well, my roommate and I have the lower tier of cable, meaning no MTV, Sundance, IFC, but channels like Spike, Food Network, etc come in.
** I won the history award at my eighth grade graduation!

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