Thursday, July 09, 2009

Testing out blogging on my iPhone

Also titled: rambles from my iphone #1:
Or: BEP(Bartender's Escape plan): The Underbelly

As I ponder my daily life, bartending seems like such a waste of my time these days. I am completely bored with it. In an attempt to cheer myself up I started a delightful book, called Geek Love, by Karherine Dunn. Mutant cicus family adventures in carney land. So far a delightful read!

Tonite I will continue to rot my brain later by serving more alcohol to people, smiling, nodding, and trying to get by with the moments of humanity that happen when people smile back or when I can possibly pass on a little bit of kindness to another human being.

Onward I move forward, slowly crafting my bartender's escape plan.

1 comment:

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