Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Adding to the bilge. Where is my check? More Posts! More Photos! More Photoboothgirl!!!

It was pointed out by a dear friend of mine, shall we call her Luci? Yes lets! My lovely talented writer, artist, and filmmaker friend Luci sent me an email asking (I will admit-maybe not in the following words), 'where oh where has photoboothgirl gone? Gone to Photobooths everyone, when will she ever learn? when will she ever learn'**

I am still here, although a little bitter and a little tired, I will continue to write. Fighting to survive in this over blogged world, I fought off the negative chatter of Paul Boutin of Wired Magazine,"The blogosphere, once a freshwater oasis of folksy self-expression and clever thought, has been flooded by a tsunami of paid bilge." He goes on to discuss how blogging has been taken on by larger brands, companies, corporations, and BLAh blah Bladedity, blahhhhhhhh. Well, I say Mister Boutin, I photoboothgirl will continue to blog. We are the fortunate ones to watch history while blogging was born and became a new free medium for people to write freely, post photos, and express themselves with a specific theme, or sometimes in their own random menagerie of thoughts. It was easier to stand out before. But now it isn't new. It is a years old. oh no! not that. The people that jumped on the early blogging bandwagon were smart, or lucky- or both. Yes now its more common to have a blog. Who doesn't have a blog these days? Or a twitter. Will blogging go the way of the Zine? OR is it merely a more popular computer version of a Zine, with templates?

Oh and here is a pumpkin:

**Oh, woops that is a song already. Sung most recently on a covers album by Dolly Parton, but replace photoboothgirl with flowers, or soldiers.


Good Hard Working People said...

Yay, photoboothgirl is back!

Anonymous said...

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