Sunday, January 18, 2009

Calvinism, Sexism, and The Mars Hill Church

On one of my last visits to Seattle, I noticed a strange music venue style wherehouse building and my brother told me it was some church called the Mars Hill Church. I was freaked out, fascinated, and wanted to learn more about this bizarro style nouveau rock n roll holyland.

I already believe in hypocritical living environment, in this day and age in capitalistic North America it is difficult to not at some moment contradict oneself, or participate in a moment of oxymoronic behavior. BUT REALLY! Supposedly a place to celebrate the "different" culture. Where tattoos and long hair/alternative lifestyles are encouraged. On the other side of the coin they are encouraging men to be men (as in the patriarchal classic macho style man view) and definitely do not question the authority of the leader, Mark Driscoll, who formed the church. Read more about the Mars Hill Church located in my hometown of Seattle, WA in this New York Times Article:

I just can't help it, questioning authority is in my blood. Mark Driscoll I think you are creepy.

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