Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Photos: to Print or not to Print

We are in the middle of a changing time, where are photographic values are changing. As we learn new ways to take and save photos digitally, less and less people are storing photos in touchable photo albums, shoeboxes, or bottom drawers of photos. I struggle with my own reason to take photos- to share some online, and to share some with others for viewing.

Talking with my father, who was born in 1930, he asked me where do all these photos go that I take? They are sometimes posted online, shared over email, and stored on a hard drive. But where are the tangible- hold in your hand, aging copies of the photographs? Torn edges, water spots, and so forth? I have recently decided to begin to figure out a way to send the photos to my dad and mom in print form, possibly book style rather than just print.

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