Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Into the Blogosphere she goes!

Aghast at the expanse of the Internet. I am, are you? There is no reason to leave your house, what would I do without all my friends at my fingertips, an encyclopedia to look at whenever I want, a database of people's birthdays, eye colors, lipstick shades, lowest price of the whatsamacallit that i need so much, embarrassing moments captured on film of people I have never met but evidently should care a great deal about when they were caught at the supermarket without makeup! Egads. Basically, what I am trying to say, is I have been expanding my "online identity" and woo! it is exhausting at times. Names, passwords, emails, projects, contacts, resumes, listings, updates, photos, etc. Hopefully, all for a reason and not in vain.

I am working on making my own webshow, possibly with a personal vlog on the side. Knowing the amount of work it is, I continue on my quest for Internet domination me style. I am going into the unknown- what domain name do I want, how do I create a website? Did I pick the right name? On and on it goes. In the end I have picked two names for my website. Its all a learning process. Admittedly, I feel like all I want to do is get someone to do all this for me. But, I also want to try to understand all of the terms, packages, hostings, designs, etc of this expansive grand world of the Internet.

I am now on Friendster (although so two years ago), Myspace (so last year), Facebook (so right now), and Linkedin (so professional). I have joined Twitter and del.ic.ious. I have a flickr page. I am checking peoples blogs regularly (Yes Bill, I have read yours). Its almost time to admit to others that I have my own blog, that I actually want to share my innermost rambles with others. Well, lets not go all crazy, how about- 'some passing thoughts that get me through the days', that I want to share with others. AND... not just share with others- potentially share with the WHOLE WIDE WORLD because it is the World Wide Web! Remember: this should not be mistaken for a private online world* (Hi to all my fans in Japan and Brazil!). I will put a list of blogs I like on the side soon. Little by little I am making my way into the blogosphere.

*unless you are password protected!

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