Saturday, March 15, 2008

Willem Dafoe, Red Meat, and traveling by taxi

Our first night, my dad and I journeyed in a taxi to La Cabrera, a lovely restaurant in Palermo. Its the kind of restaurant that just does it right. My dad and I went twice on our first trip. I really liked it, and evidently so do a lot of people. It's always busy, but the thing that I love is while you wait outside they feed you appetizers and give you free glasses of wine or champagne. Who wouldn't like that? We were somehow magically seated right away. I like to think it was my amazing charm when I spoke to the host, or it was the respect for my father as an elder/senior "padron" (my dad's words) or it was because we were only 2, and the people waiting were all large groups (most definetly the latter). When you order the beef entries they bring them out on a cutting board along with small little dishes of various things. Kind of like when you get Korean food and they bring you all the dishes, but its Argentinian style. I do love the little dishes of all cultures! So, yes my vegetarian and vegan readers, I am sorry to admit I ate meat!

And Willem Dafoe was there! Very Handsome! He was eating there too! Most recently known as the Green Goblin in Spiderman/Norman Osborn, although he has an extremely extensive resume.

I awoke the second day in Argentina to my dad's voice in the other room, it was time to wake up. We had met a lovely taxi driver the day before and arranged to meet him at 9:30 am outside of the building of the apartment we are staying in.


We went to Tortoni, were fortunate to arrive before the hordes of tourists unloaded from the buses.

My dad

There was nice light, old photos covered the walls and we had a traditional Argentinian breakfast. Un Cafe doble, jugo de naranga, y un medialuna (double espresso, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a small croissant).

Me in the silver

Mmmm. I will have to say my favorite traveler's breakfast was in Spain: pan tostada con tomate (toasted baguette style bread with tomato that has been grated through a cheese grater with olive oil poured on top, then salted and peppered- yummy!).


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