Thursday, March 13, 2008

Scandal makes us question a leader

On Lindsay discusses the woman's side. Judgement is made. Scandal is among us!

On Amanda's blog she also commented on the subject and questions Lindsay. click here.

(and ah, extra marrital crap/scandal/mishap-I always have an opinion!)

Here we have a well crafted hypocritical situation, man cheats on wife, breaks laws, we judge man, man goes from governer to just another slimey politician, man resigns, wife stands by man, we criticize her for doing so. We judge: Cry! stay home! Just don't do, uh...that! there anything right to do in this situation?

I am so frustrated and I keep going around in circles. I think the issue is not with Silda the Mother nor with Silda the wife or Silda the political figure, nor even with the Silda the Leader/ role model. The host of, Lindsay Campbell does bring in an interesting dialogue, however I think the problem is with the frustration that this strong women is made to deal with her husband's scandal. She is a powerful women and her husband is weak and trying to bring her down with her. We are sick of the scandals, we are tired of men pissing on the trees, getting the blow jobs, taking the bribe, sleeping with the prostitute. We want women in that position. We want the woman running the scandal. HA- we want women not running the scandal, that sounds better, can we handle it, ladies? We want more women on the other side of politics. Not just the first lady and not just the wife.

Well, I think that is happening...just taking a lot longer than some of us may want or like.

Check out some facts about Silda on
She is way more than just a wife. She doesn't seem very weak.

More Questions:
As a wife, I say wow, how big of you to forgive your husband for such a scandal (if that were the case then she is a sacred healer and ready for enlightenment?).
On the other hand...As a ROLE MODEL... I say what kind of example are you giving us? Suck it up ladies?
As a ROLE MODEL how are you helping women that are in similar situations be strong and leave their husband?

As a MOM, I say good for you. As a mom, I think did Silda know about the affair? We simply can hypothesize all we want but ultimately we will just wait and see what truth unfolds, only Silda knows that one... on a positive note at least we weren't talking about Britney for a day! :) But lets be real here for a moment. No matter what Eliot Spitzer did, he is still a dad. He may not be the best dad, but he is the only dad those children have. His name is already being thrown all over the paper, his children will not spared from knowing of his father's scandal. Does there mom need to make it worse by shutting herself off from her children's dad? A lot of men "can't keep it in there pants" but can still be there as a dad. Dad's are not perfect, and Eliott Spitzer is definetly not so. He has proven this since he royally f*!#ed up in such a major's obvious to all of us, but remember he can't be fired or resign from being a dad.

As women, we have always worn so many different hats, we are caregiver, mother, daughter, wife, lover, proffessional, and more all at the same time. Here is a woman who's husband just f*!#ed up, and he f*!#ed up everything. She had to be bigger than him, and bigger than us. She has kids to think about. Next she has her career to think about, and then journalists to think about, and finally us. She is on a stage in front of journalists, cameras, television audiences, and she is standing there facing us all, knowing our judgement hovers, will leap out any minute - only momentarily held in from our pursed lips. She didn't hide inside, she faced us, she stood up to our judgement, because no matter what she did, we would be there, waiting. BUT it is also not her mistake, it's his. HIS mistake. HIS crime. HIS resignation.

And she has to clean up the pieces with him or without him.

SO....I don't know, a woman shows tears on a campaign (ahem...Hillary) and she is weak? A woman stands by her man and she is weak? When is a woman strong?


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