Thursday, March 13, 2008

Photoboothgirl Arrives in Argentina

I have arrived in Buenos Aires with my dad. We met up at in the Atlanta airport, having traveled from our respective homes- my dad, from Seattle and me from Brooklyn. The flight from Atlanta to BA is a nine or so hour flight. As I realized I was not only in the center seat of a center section, with a giant man on one side, my father on the other, I was shocked to encounter the child behind me. Its true! All of it. What they say about children. The plane flight sitcom joke of the kid driving the person crazy because he is constantly kicking the seat in front of him! I was an unfortunate victim of this unneccessary torture. His parents, not only oblivious, but equally as annoying as they talked loudly throughout the flight, amidst a plane full of sleeping travelers. On a NIGHT flight, as in the airline gives us earplugs (I tried them) and a sleeping mask. As in shut up and sleep flight!

Needless to say, I survived. Barely.

Not knowing the lack of sleep in store for me, I was happy to watch the free movies on the small screen nestled into the seat in front of me. After much deliberation I decided on American Gangster for the first two hours. After dozing off for a few hours I was jarred awake by the mother's voice behind me-oh so painfully shrill seeming- and even more so by the subtle constant kicks from behind by the menacing small child. I needed to seek solace, I was angry, sleepy, and weak; they did not respond to my requests to subdue their child (did I make it worse I wonder?). I needed comfort, fluff, a feel good movie would make me better, and so it was that I watched Being Jane. Aw, I do have a soft spot for James McAlvoy. He is dreamy. AND I was a wounded bird soaring somewhere above South America. I was too tired for substance. In the end a story of Jane Austin ended up not being the go to for a feel good movie- but I did guiltily enjoy it.

What shall I do in Buenos Aires? Well, my dad and I have yet to carve our itinerary in stone, blood, or even I will have to report back. So far, my spanish vocabulary is creeping back into the spanish speaking section of my brain. Lights are being turned on, and I imagine I will be more fully functional tomorrow on a good nights sleep.

On another note: Kelli is married! Congratulations Kelli!

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