Monday, March 03, 2008

The Oscars, Can What is Old be New Again?

The sun is shining brightly overhead. The smudges on my computer remind me of another day. Everyone is a blogger these days, its the thing to do. I, as the trendsetter I like to imagine I am, better get on this bandwagon and start blogging.

Ah to be a filmmaker, receive an Oscar, the prize of prizes for one's resume. Evidently, the Oscars were watched by 32 million people (NY Times, Business, Mon, 3/3). Now outloud that seems like a lot of people. In the same article by David Carr of the NY Times he continues, "...fewer than tuned in for the debut of the American Idol in January." Were the Oscars even trying this year? In this day and age why aren't they being more innovative? Why don't they have new commercials like the Superbowl. Better yet, why don't they feature filmmaker made commercials?

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